Its 12:00 pm, you’re working hard at your desk and you’ve got a total of 2 minutes to spare.

The sun beats down on the city of Dubai and your local grocery store is 20 minutes walking distance from your office.

This is where Mai Dubai Water Delivery Service steps in.

  • We provide a time efficient way to purchase bottled water by delivering it to your doorstep.
  • With special water delivery deals and rewards, you save up twice as much as you normally would by getting it delivered to your home or office.
  • Water delivered to your home or office ensures that you have plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated for weeks on end, until you receive your next order.
  • Not everyone has the time to run into a store every few days and grab bottles of water. With Mai Dubai, you can choose a bottled water package to be delivered to you every now and then.