Quality and Safety have always been two key dimensions for Mai Dubai.  As a company we know we provide a critical food-related service to the community. In today’s Covid-19 world, our consistent and high-quality supply of hygienic products is more important than ever.

In line with official UAE government recommendations, our Management team continuously reviews the protocols to ensure we protect our employees, suppliers, customers, clients and associates. We have reviewed our raw material supply and our hygiene protocols, we made detailed assessments of the risks and opportunities of our operations.

The recently opened state-of-the-art production site of Mai Dubai is fully automated. Solar Energy panels supply the electricity to the machines, the conveyors, and our warehouse systems. Being highly technology enabled -and with the help of robots and monorails- we are practically a hands-free operation; this from the moment we receive our raw materials to when we ship the product in our red trucks to the market.

Review has shown that our raw materials are predominantly locally sourced. We have reconfirmed that there is product availability from our suppliers; both from primary and back-up suppliers. Additionally, our own warehouses are well supplied, and the production capacity allows for growth in the years to come.

As for the final water distribution, our network is strong. We have distribution hubs. We have a large number of trucks, and our drivers are trained and aware of the importance of sanitization and the -ever so important- hand washing. Naturally, we closely monitor all our staff for any illness, and we have quarantine facilities ready should they be required.

We live in extraordinary times. We are aware these are testing times for many of our clients and consumers. Please know that your health is our priority, and we will do everything in our power to ensure we get thought this turbulent period together.